Photography copyright by WERNER VOLLMAYER

                                     New York and America

                                                                   New York Bridge 1977

                                                 World trade Center in vapour, New York 1977

                                                                 Oildelivery, New York 1977

                                                          Fire for peace, New York 1977

                                                              Brezlman, New York 1977

                                                                     Rush hour, New York 1977

                                          Keith Gogh with sunglasses in the subway, New York 1977

                                                 Coffeeshop on sevent avenue, New York 1995

                                                        Downtown east, New York 1995

                                 Wall painting, New York 1995

                                  Crysler Building, New York 1977

                                                  Autumn in the Central Park, New York 1977

                                                           Solow Building, New York 1977

                                                                  Tennis Court, Miami 1977

                                    Balcony view, Miami 1977

                                                             House in the desert, Nevada 1977

                                                         Shadow runner, Los Angeles 1981

                                                L.A. Haouse of Blues on Sunset Blvd. 1995

                                            Breakfast in Cabo San Luca, Baja California Mexico 1995

                                             Mexico - Baja California - Cabo San Luca - Posing Pelican 1995

                                                       Jamaica - Ochos Rios - Pool Cleaner 1981